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My name is Lynsay, and I've decided to start blogging about the books I've been reading, so that I have reviews that I can look back on about the range of books and genres that I have read. I was very lucky to receive a Sony eReader for my birthday, and since then, I've been reading even more!! I read anything and everything, happy to give any style or genre a try!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

What I'm Reading Now...

Say You Will, by Kate Perry.  This was a quick, 'chick-lit' read, as I wanted something quick and easy to read.  This is the start of a series (the Summerhill series) about a wealthy, upper class family of six sisters, all named after Shakespeare heroines.  At the start of the book, they are attending the funeral of their father, who by all accounts is a terrible person, who has died in a car crash with his mistress.  However, they can't locate his will, and its urgent that they find it in order to ensure that they don't lose all their property and money.  Throw in a half sister that no one knew about, and a love interest and the story romps along from there.  It was an engaging read, and the rest of the series follows each of the sisters in turn.  It will probably be a decent series, but I wasn't really in a rush to pick up the next one. 

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.  This is the first David Mitchell book i've ever read, although I have seen the film of Cloud Atlas.  I did try and read Cloud Atlas several years ago, but just couldn't get into it.  I feel that this is a good place to start with David Mitchell, as the story starts off with a fairly basic premise - Holly Sykes has a massive fight with her mother, and runs away.  Her younger brother ends up going missing on the same day.  However when Holly was running away, she ends up having an unusual encounter with a stranger, which will impact on the rest of her life.  I don't want to say any more about the rest of the plot, but I really enjoyed this book, despite it veering into sci fi towards the end.  The books is structured into 6 sections, which follow Holly and various characters through her life.  It was really interesting and i'd definitely recommend it - i'll definitely be making more of an effort to read more by David Mitchell. 

The House of Fiction, by Susan Swingler.  This is a memoir of Susan Swingler, whose father Leonard was married to a famous Australian author, Elizabeth Jolley.  It's an interesting story, but quite unusual.  Susan tells the story of how her parents, Leonard and Joyce were friends with a woman called Monica (who later changed her name to Elizabeth and apparently changed her name several times through her life).  However, Leonard and Monica were having an affair unknown to Joyce, which resulted in both Joyce and Monica having children within weeks of each other.  Leonard leaves to go to Scotland for a job, but it later turns out that he has moved to Scotland with Monica, then they move from there to Australia, where they stay for the rest of their lives.  The odd part of the story is that Leonard asks Joyce not to contact his family, and he then carries on communicating with his family as though he is still with Joyce.  This is then all found out when Susan becomes an adult, and the book deals with how Susan unravelled the tangled web of lies that she discovers and how it impacts on the rest of her life.  Its an interesting story, but incredibly odd and unsettling. 

Something Wcked This Way Comes,  by Ray Bradbury.  I choose to read this in the week running up to Halloween, as I wanted to read a good horror classic, and it didn't disappoint.  The language used in this story was absolutely amazing, and it was extremely creepy in parts.  It tells the story of two boys, Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade, who are intrigued to learn that a circus is coming to town, but the circus is not what it seems, and the fate of the towns survival lies in the boys hands..  I'd definitely recommend this, its fairly short and a great read.

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